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TIESO Rapido

TIESO Rapido

Easy One-step TIESO 2 in 1

TIESO Rapido
  • xylitol xylitol

    Anti-bacterial Cool sense effect

  • Phellodendri Cortex xylitol

    Allergic sensitive skin, atopic skin, eczema dermatitis, acne effect, sterilization effect.
    Help remove skin bacteria Calm skin

  • Lepidium Meyenii Root extract xylitol

    ASoften rough skin
    Improve male function

  • Deep sea Water xylitol

    Releasing poison
    Alkaline water with rich minerals
    Excellent moisturizing effect

How to Use

Any time and wherever you need to fresh and relief of itching

TIESO Rapido
Continuous cleanliness and deodorization
  • According to research, gonadal cancer can develop through viruses, and smegma can irritate the uterus or cause disease, so it is necessary to manage the cleanliness around smegma and penis from time to time.

All male testicle and health
  • According to the research results of Prof. Skakkeba in Denmark and Prof. Rolland in France, ‘The number of sperm in modern society men is decreasing continuously’ and as reported. To produce sperm well, the temperature of the testicles should be 2 to 3 degrees lower than the body temperature, and RAPIDO has the effect of lowering the temperature.
TIESO Rapido
  • TIESO Rapido
  • TIESO Rapido
  • TIESO Rapido
TIESO Rapido
Problems of beard
Dry skin
Dryness can occur when your skin is exposed to dry, cold weather or hot water when taking a bath or shower. If you keep your beard in shampoo, it will wash your skin moisture and moisture and make it dry.
When the hair follicles are inflamed, folliculitis occurs. This inflammation can be caused by a number of factors including germs, viruses, fungi, parasitic infections. It can be caused by clogging of the intact hair or follicles. Folliculitis is a reddened skin, symptoms such as pus and sting.
Seborrhoeic eczema
It is a chronic eczematous disease that occurs in scalp, face, chest, armpits, groin, beard and the like which sebum secretion is strong. It is accompanied by symptoms such as erythema of the skin, papule, itching, dry feeling, and skin pulling. When there is a beard, the water does not evaporate well, and seborrhoeic eczema may appear due to loss of the balance of the water in the skin.
TIESO Rapido
The needs of Rapido for manRapido for man is a spray cleaner with antimicrobial effect, which has an excellent effect on the cleaning of beard.
Anti-bacterial effect
Most men manage their beards with hair-only products or oils. Products with antimicrobial effects are rare, and oils provide an easier environment for bacteria to grow. On the other hand, Rapid for man's Macapride extract and Peppermint Extract have excellent antimicrobial effects against Staphylococcus aureus, a major cause of folliculitis.
Easy to use
Rapido for man is a product made up of a soothing cream with a cleanser and soothing effect. It is very easy to use as a spray formulation and can be used anytime and anywhere regardless of time and place.
Lasting effect
Beard is easy to grow by food or hand even if it is washed and maintained every day. The soothing cream ingredients of Rapido for man provide a soothing and lasting anti-bacterial effect.
Antibacterial effect of Rapido for manThe main causes of folliculitis appearing as a member of cleanliness management of beard
Staphylococcus aureus
Staphylococcus aureus

It can be transmitted to the air, or it can be spread by skin contact, and causes boils, impetige, cellulitis, staphylococcal lacunar skin syndrome.

Staphylococcus aureus


Staphylococcus aureus


TIESO Rapido

Rapido for man is highly effective against Staphylococcus aureus.